Penang Cafes List ♡

Cafes that I've been before (Click for their Facebook Page):

  1. 2F+ coffee by yellow house

  2. 52 cafe 五饼二鱼(Not sure whether it's still in operation)

  3. Acupaday (espresso cube with silky mik)

  4. Arnold Cycling Cafe

  5. B&W Coffee House

  6. Brew 32

  7. Brown Pocket (waffles)

  8. Busy Bodhi Cafe (coconut ice cream)

  9. By The Sea 沿海地带生活馆 (desserts)

  10. Coffee on the Table (3D coffee)

  11. Café Bouchée

  12. Caffè Bene Gurney Paragon

  13. Hotel Ceylon Cafe (Hello Kitty themed)

  14. China House (variety of cakes)

  15. Chocolate Passion

  16. Clock's Cafe (cheesy potato nachos)

  17. Coffee Affairs (variety of coffees)

  18. Coffee Venture (variety of coffees)

  19. Coffee Smith

  20. Cupido Cafe (heart shape pizza)

  21. De Nice Coffee

  22. Dolce Dessert Penang (variety of desserts available)

  23. Evento Caffè

  24. Gathers Cafe (waffles, afogato)

  25. Gold Choice Barista Cafe

  26. Griffiths Coffee

  27. Just Something

  28. Kaffa Signature Autocity (salted caramel)

  29. La Vanille (variety of macarons)

  30. La Espresso

  31. Love Bites

  32. Macallum Connoiseurs (coffee pasta)

  33. Maoz Cafe 猫屎咖啡馆

  34. Marlons +Co.

  35. Monkeycup Café

  36. Patisserie Equateur Café

  37. Pie Harbour

  38. PIK NIK (salmon waffle) / Piknik-Everyday

  39. Pit Stop no.12

  40. Purr-Fect Cat Cafe (very first cats cafe in Penang)

  41. Sekeping Victoria (great ambiance)

  42. Selfie Coffee Penang (pricey coffee with your selfie on top)
  43. Soul Cafe

  44. Stitchats Cafe

  45. The Alley (churros, cronuts, NUTELLA :p) / The Alley Raja Uda (curry katsu don)

  46. The Artichoke Café (chai tea, earl grey blueberry cake)

  47. The Bake & Brew (egg florentine)

  48. The Haven Harbour (chocolate lava)

  49. The MugShot Café (salmon bagel, yoghurt)

  50. The Safe Room (nitrogen ice cream)

  51. Toys Café (toys' coffee arts)

  52. Vivo Café

  53. Wheeler's Coffee (blue mint)

The not-so-cafe's spots that I've been:

  1. AHMO

  2. Big Gin Na Family Restaurant 小大人家庭餐阁

  3. Daruma Fusion (new korean cuisine at Raja Uda opposite Chung Ling High School)

  4. Haem-Beogeo (korean burger set)

  5. Harvest Inn

  6. Harvest Times Cafe

  7. Jack & Co

  8. My Voice Cafe (super big bowl ramen)

  9. Paprika Cuisine

  10. Purple Toast Kopitiam Restaurant

  11. Spade's Burger (variety of burgers)

  12. Sushi Mentai (sushi with cheap price)

  13. Teh Tarik Place Sunway Seberang Jaya

  14. Who's Bryan Coffee and Cuisine

  15. Yella Fork (Malaysia and Australia cuisine)

(The bold links are my current favourite spots) The list will be updated from time to time :)

A long list of Penang's so called must-go-cafes/restaurants that I went before (forgot some of the cafes' name). Phew! Never thought I've been to more than 50 cafes in my hometown and guess what there are even more to go! Omg...can't imagine how much my pocket burnt during all those cafes hopping BUT it was worthy to try out something new! YOLO Enjoy life while you can!

Yours faithfully,

Friday, August 21

Sally's Foodstagram

Bello, it has been months since my last update and yeshhhh my blog is so dead lol anyway I am here to update a little bit about my recent life. I guess those who follow my Instagram might notice that I have changed my username to @sallysfoodstagram. Seriously, I have been thinking real hard for the new name before changing it as I would like to have a name that represents me and what I'm going to share in the future.

At first, my Instagram's updates were no different with people out there eg. family, friends, selfie, foods.etc but then I came across an idea: Why not I try to focus on a certain theme since I love to eat? Thus, I decided to mainly focus on updates about foods, drinks, coffees, desserts and whatsoever that are edible on my Instagram. It has been quite some time I focus on that aspect and yet I still have a long way to be a better foodstagrammer. I'm looking forward meeting other foodstagrammers that have the same interest with me as well. :D

As a Malaysian especially Penangites, we all know that Penang is shuperrr famous with a huge range of foods that are shuperrr hojiak and affordable! Then, how Penangites usually search for new cafes or new spots to go? For me, I search for new cafes from certain Facebook Pages as well as Instagram and blogs. Cafe lovers should be really thankful for those who wrote reviews for new cafes cuz it made our cafe hopping life stressless and happier lol. Ken Hunts Food is one of my favourite bloggers who blogs about foods in Penang. The list of Penang cafes prepared by him is really helpful and it made my foods hunting much easier when I back in Penang. 

I've made my own Penang cafes list which is the TOP post of my blog. ^^ I sincerely hope the list would help! 

Yours faithfully,

Sunday, July 27

[BREAKING NEWS] f(x) sans Sulli

I was inactive in social networks recently due to some personal reasons. I never thought I would received such breaking news once I logged in my Facebook account. SME announced on Friday that Sulli requested to take a break from the industry after false rumours surrounding her in recent months and f(x) ended their Red Light album promotions after the announcement. I was like WTH?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? No, it wasn't a rumour and definitely not a joke after all!

Here is what SME shared through f(x)’s official homepage: “Hello, this is SM Entertainment. We are thankful for the fans who show much love toward f(x). We have some news for you. Member Sulli has been having a hard time and is exhausted by the continued hate comments and false rumors. So she will be pausing all activities.”

“After much consideration, we have decided to give her time to rest. Last week’s SBS Popular Music program will be the end of f(x)’s activities of the 3rd album ‘Red Light’. Victoria, Luna, Krystal and Amber will continue on with solo activities. The rest of the members will still be part of the SMTOWN concert which will be held on August 15th and other overseas promotions.” (cr:hellokpop)

K-netizens have been calling Sulli inconsiderate for ending the group’s album promotion in less than a month. One top comment on an OSEN article said: “I figured she was really sick… but why no consideration for the other members who prepared hard for this album? They’re forced to quit promotions as soon it was released.” Meanwhile, there were also understanding from K-netizens, who said that the negative comments from other fans about Sulli should be deleted. “Something needs to be done about the hateful commenters so that this doesn’t happen again, this is SM’s problem.” A comment said.

Honestly, I was pretty shocked when Sulli announced that she would be taking a temporary hiatus from her entertainment career. I don't know how to describe the mixed feeling I had towards this shocking news. It's really hard for me to accept the fact. I mean Red Light was only released earlier this month and I totally not prepared for all these...I think maybe the only thing I can do now is to keep supporting the girls with some cheerful and supportive messages?

To smiley angel Sulli,
Please stay strong! I know you are having hard time with those hateful comments and false rumours but don't forget that you have us f(ans) and your lovely members who will surely stand by you no matter what. We will be waiting for a newborn Sulli to come back to us! 休息是为了走更长的路. Baby Ssul, take your time and have a good rest before continue your journey. I believe you will go through all these mess soon. f(x) ain't complete without you! I sincerely hope that our f(♡) could help to cure your illness/sadness and save you from all the bad things surrounded you! Do you know how much I miss your angelic smile? ♡

By far, I have a lot of questions playing in my mind like is Sulli OK? How is Sulli now? Will she be fine? Did she wipe her tears alone at night? Was it hard for her to make such decision? etc. I wish I could help to ease burden on Sulli's shoulders. I know some of you might be saying that Sulli is being irresponsible to quit all the activities now but try to understand her can? She's just a 20 years old girl and she has been through a lot of shitty things since last year! Sulli is kinda sensitive towards hate comments but she always smiles and gives us all the positive side of her. Can't you see how good this girl is? I believe she has had tough time for making such decision. We gotta trust Sulli and have faith, f(ans). There's one important thing we have gotta bear in mind. That is, Sulli is only temporarily pausing all her activities and having rest, she WILL NOT leaving f(x)! #staystrongsulli

Sunday, July 20

"Double Life of Dora and Me"

I have found an interesting post on my friend's Facebook that really surprised me in this afternoon. I personally think it was gonna be sucha waste if I didn't share the good stuff with you guys here! The post was about two best friends who recently taken 100 pictures of their daily life and put their creativity in those pictures! You might think it sounds normal/common/bored/nay? NOT until you check their pictures out! They have started to do so since 25th of February until 24th of June this year and named it as "Dora and My Double Life丨Beijing and Sydney, 12 years and 100 days". The girls were deskmates back in high school and they became close friends since then. Awww...the friendship of twelve years and still counting? Damn...I love it! I'm gonna share a few pictures of them that I fancy over here! :)

What do you guys think? It's beyond amazing right! Both of the girls took one picture a day and carried on this collection until the 100th day! Oh was H U N D R E D days you know! I think they have taught us to never give up easily and also value our friendship. I wish to take pictures like that but I seriously don't think I'm a determined person lol.  Wanted to know more about their stories? Read it here (written in Chinese). You may also click here for more photos from Day 1 to Day 100. If you're keen on following these two creative girls, you may go to their Weibo and Instagram to have a look!

Fanxiaoba's Weibo:

Instagram: fanxiaoba

Dora's Weibo: 
Instagram: dora_wsh

Saturday, July 19

f(x) 3rd Full-Length Album "Red Light"

As all f(ans) know, f(x) released their 3rd full-length album "Red Light" on 7th of July! It has been so long after f(x) released Pink Tape laz year! FYI, there are two versions of "Red Light" album, which are Sleepy Cats and Wild Cats. I believe many of you ain't sure which versions to buy right? Me too tbh. I sincerely hope f(ans) will purchase both versions of "Red Light" album if possible because we will be able to help increasing f(x)'s album sales and also proof it to SM that f(ans) are stronger than what they thought!

Let's talk about the packaging of both versions, I personally prefer the packaging of Wild Cats more than Sleepy Cats. The packaging of Wild Cats looks so unique, so red hawt! I love packaging that looks extremely HAWT! It doesn't mean Sleepy Cats is not pretty or what. It juz I prefer something that looks hotter. Hehe.

So, here I got a conclusion for myself. My eyes chose Wild Cats in the first sight while my heart wanted me to buy both versions after manyx3 sights. What to do? What versions to buy? There are sho many questions in my head! Those questions then leaded me to my dear bff, Nicole. N, do you know how much I love you? *Winks* Haha! Why? Because she purchased the albums together with me! Urghhhh I'm damn glad that N is f(ans) too! It means we can get both versions of "Red Light" album, different photobooks, stickers, posters with CHEAPER price! The best part is N and me can even exchange all the things afterwards!! So damn happy lah, thanks babe T__T I know you love me too! *不要翻我白眼* 

I would like to thank YW and her friends too! Thank you all so much for helping us out to purchase the albums and High Cut magz from Korea! Really thank you all sox3 much that I can't even put it into words! I will surely post the snapshot of the albums when it arrived my house! Awww I already can't wait to see, smell, touch, kiss the albums lol pardon my insanity but please don't judge if you don't know anything about f(x), aight? f(x) is the bez girl group for me! They are unique, one and only f(x)! Wanted to know more about f(x)? Check this page out!

Thursday, July 17


有钱,腰板直。没钱, 会软肋。钱,不是万能的。没钱是万万不行的。 
人呵,昂起你那高贵的头,有钱人是人, 没钱也是人。人是什么?人,是一种格,是一种内在的定力。神定则气闲,得失无轻重。进而有可行之道,退而有内守之固。 




Saturday, November 30

Super Junior's DongHae Instagram

LeeDongHae from Super Junior
made one thg that able to put my mouth and eyes wide opened for ages...
LeeDongHae followed Malaysian Famous Instagramer!

Here's the screencap of DongHae's official Instagram :

Did you see the name Jynnooi?
FYI,  she's currently 19 years old, a famous Instagramer from Penang, Malaysia. 
As you can see from the photos she uploaded on her Instagram, she's very pretty and popular.
Nearly all of her recent photos tagged POP! on Instagram! Oh my...

I got the news via a SUJU's fan on Twitter just now
Tbh, I doubted the news when I first saw it.
So I went to DongHae's official Instagram ASAP juz to check it out

Maybe this means nothing to you 
but it was quite a big / shocking news for a Malaysian like me especially when I'm a KPOP fans. 
Lol. Wae? Because...

1) DongHae has only followed 26 Instagramers and she's one of it
2) DongHae followed mostly Korean/Foreign Instagramers
3) DongHae doesn't know her in real life
4) The lucky girl isn't a performer / idol / stylist / ulzzang / top model.etc

I mean why would a top korean idol follow her? *sounds so envy lol NO
(⊙_⊙Could you believe how lucky she is??
I guess ELF would feel extremely jealous and think why aren't they the lucky one

In a nutshell...MIRACLE DOES EXIST!
My wish of life is...I wish Victoria from f(x) would follow me on Instagram one day!
Kekeke Victoria saranghae! 

( ̄▽ ̄)
*Keep on day dreaming~
ps: This post is based on my own opinion. Peace, aight? :D